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STAT #1(1)

Australia has the second largest ratio of household debt to income in the world and there’s about two million Australians living in households of high financial stress

 STAT #2(2)

Aussies need at least $12,000 in emergency savings, yet millions have no safety net,
new research has found.

What this means is that if you are deep in debt you are not alone, you are in the same position as millions.

How close you can get to having that safety net of savings is going to depend on what action you take and what knowledge you gain.

It is probably time to consider your options.

Step 1 – Reach out to us – Call us or complete the online assessment.

Step 2 – You will be advised of your options.

Step 3 – We can start dealing with your creditors and implement your chosen solution.

Any solution we provide is guaranteed to cost you less in overall payment terms than where you are now and must be affordable based on your income and budget.

Your assets, income and any other personal worries are always priority considerations.

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The so called end of the line for extreme debt problems is bankruptcy.

If you apply for bankruptcy the Government (AFSA – The Australian Financial Security Authority) wants to be certain that you have considered your options. Those options are:

Talking to your creditors

Apply for temporary debt protection

Propose a Debt Agreement

Propose a PIA

Voluntary Bankruptcy

Talking to your credititors

Some creditors could give you more time to pay, agree to renegotiate repayments or accept
smaller payment to settle the debt. Some creditors have hardship provisions which you can use to change the terms of
your contract.

Apply for temporary debt protection

This is an interim step that stops your creditors, the bailiff or sheriff taking
action to recover unsecured debts for a period of 21 days. You could use that time to speak to your creditors,
consider other options or seek advice.

Propose a Debt Agreement

These are legally binding
agreements between you and your creditors. You can offer to pay your creditors by instalments or in a lump sum
which may be less than the full amount you owe. Your offer must be accepted by the majority of your creditors for the
agreement to start. Your level of income, debts and assets will determine whether you are eligible for a Debt Agreement.

Propose a PIA Personal Insolvency agreement

These are legally binding
agreements between you and your creditors. You can offer to pay your creditors by instalments or in a lump sum
which may be less than the full amount you owe. Your offer must be accepted by the majority of your creditors for the
agreement to start. Unlike a Debt there are no income, debt or asset levels to determine eligibilty.


When paying anything reasonable or at all is not possible Bankruptcy is a real option.

Most debts are wiped away. Household furnture/items, cars up to a certain limit and income up to a certain limit are protected for you.

Talk to us stress free

Your comfortability is most important. Contact us and we guarantee it. You will not be judged. You won’t have to explain why.

All you need to do is reach out for some help. Our job is to help you.

You don't have to do it alone

No matter how alone you may feel be assured you can speak to someone who will explain your possible solutions.

Most people mention how good they feel once they talk to us but they also mention how they regret they didn’t do it sooner.

Whether you contact us or someone else please do it for yourself. Don’t prolong the difficulty.

We promise and guarantee

We can deal with your creditors.

We can do all the paperwork and red tape.

Everything will be explained to you in normal talk. No mumbo jumbo.

Everything can be done by phone and email. No city office visits required.

You will be looked after. 

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Evening and Weekends

We know you are busy and want privacy. You can speak to us after hours and on weekends. This also includes any work we do for you.

No debt policy

We never ever ask you to sign a Direct Debit Agreement. In fact you can’t get into debt with us. It is our policy to protect you.

Experienced Firm

Our consultants all have over 10 years experience. We have seen every situation. You will always have direct access to your consultant.

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