Hardship Example 1

Igor had $36,984.00 in total debt.

He owed Credit Card 1 $12,300.00, State Fine Agency $5,500.00, ATO $6,400.00, Centrelink $6,100.00, Pay day lender 1 $2,070.00, Pay day lender 2 $1,769.00, Pay day lender 3 $256.00 and Pay day lender 4 $2,589.00

He was behind on everything. He could afford to repay $235.00 per week after his living expenses.

We dealt with all of his creditors. We were able to get the Bank, State Fine Agency, ATO and Centrelink to accept minimal payments whilst we organised the Pay day lenders to accept a short term proposal that seen all of them finished within months. We then organised with the remaining creditors arrangements which meant he was going to be all paid up within three years.

He had a hopeless mess and had no idea what to do. He handed it over to us and we got him a plan that he could see to the end.

Note: your situation may be different and require a different strategy.